API Documentation

Use the Pdftools Cloud APIs to access files, operations, workflows, and more and seamlessly integrate your product or solution into the perfect combination for your business.

Getting started

To get started, create a new account or login to your existing one on our portal, then read about how to make requests for the resources you need to access using our HTTP APIs. When your integration is ready to go live, pick a right plan for your use case by going to the plan section in settings or contact us for special quote.



Learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Compress and optimize

Learn how to compress and optimize PDF files.

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Power archive

Learn how to compress PDF files optimally for the standards of PDF/A technical specifications in a single API call.

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Learn how to check whether a PDF conforms to a specific PDF standard, specification, and conformance level.

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Learn about uploading and listing files.


Learn about performing operations on uploaded files.


Learn about how to fetch operation result.

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